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THURSDAY TRACK PICK - Pablo Ziegler's "Murga del Amanecer"

Fresh off his 2018 Grammy win for Best Latin Jazz Album, Pablo Ziegler releases his first solo piano album for Steinway & Sons.

Pablo Ziegler Solo showcases new arrangements of Ziegler’s nuevo tango pieces, as well as some new compositions and works by Astor Piazzolla, Alejandro Dolina, and Juan Carlos Cobián. Ziegler writes music imbued with Buenos Aires soul. While he's is accustomed to playing his music with orchestra or small ensemble, this new solo program is a natural extension of his love and affinity for his instrument.

On “Murga del Amanecer,” Ziegler showcases his vibrant musical hybrid of classic tango, American jazz, and European art music which all comes naturally to him after spending over a decade in tango grand-maestro Astor Piazzolla’s legendary quintet.

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