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Repertoires are beautiful traditional tango music by Juan Carlos Cobian and thrilling, passionate and sensual nuevo tango music composed by Astor Piazzolla and Pablo Ziegler.

The scores are available for small ensemble,

string ensemble, chamber orchestra,

and symphony orchestra.

Orchestra &

Chamber Orchestra


string ensemble

flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon

french horns

piano, harp


bandoneon/acordeon (optional)

*There are some alternatives in instrumentation. Please contact for more information.

Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Piazzolla)

 - Primavera Portena...5:20

 - Verano Portano...6:30

 - Otono Porteno...5:20

 - Invierno Porteno...6:40


Suite Buenos Aires (Ziegler)

 - Asfalto...5:10

 - Maria Ciudad...8:09   

 - El Empedrado...5:37

Suite Silfo and Ondine (Piazzolla)

 - Soledad...7:17

 - Fugata...2:57

 - Tangata...8:05

Fuga y Misterio (Piazzolla)...5:07

Imagenes 676 (Piazzolla)...3:30

Introduccion al Angel (Piazzolla)...5:00

La Rayuela (Ziegler)... 6.00

Libertango (Piazzolla)...4:50

Milonga en el Viento (Ziegler)...5:43

Niebla del Riachuelo (Cobian)...4:22

Nostalgias (Cobian)...5:04

Oblivion (Piazzolla)...4:46

Rojotango (Ziegler)...4:30

Ziegler's Orchestration were performed by:

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Metropole Orkest (Netherland)

Britten Sinfonia

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Sydney Symphonic Orchestra (Australia)

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra  (South Korea) 

Theater Ulm (Germany)

Colorado Symphony Orchestra (USA)

Charleston Symphonic Orchestra 

Houston Symphony Orchestra

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

St. Louis Symphonic Orchestra

The Lexington Philharmonic

Wellington Chamber Orchestra (New Zealand)

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Canada)

Symphony Nova Scotia 

Jazz Sinfonica Orchestra (Brazil)

Presidential Symphony Orchestra (Turkey)

Slovenia Philharmonic Orchestra (Slovenia)

Stavanger Symphonic Orchestra (Norway)

Bridgehampton Chamber Ensemble

New England Conservatory Festival Orchestra

North Country Chamber Players

Orquesta de Camara de Rosario (Argentina)

Banda Sinfonica de Cordoba 

Pablo Ziegler Festival Orchestra (Japan)

and more.

Orchestra & Chamber Ensemble
Voice & Chamber Ensemble


(Bariton, Mezzo Soprano)

& Chamber Ensemble


string ensemble




bandoneon/acordeon (optional)

*There are some alternatives in instrumentation. Please contact for more information.

Alfonsina y el Mar (Ariel Ramírez)

Gracias a la Vida (Violeta Parra)...2:50

Los Dias Perdidos (Carlos Guastavino)...2:45

Milonga en el Viento (Pablo Ziegler)...5:50

Milonga sin Palablas (Astor Piazzolla)...6:15

Oblivion (Astor Piazzolla)...4:05

Los Pajaros Perdidos (Astor Piazzolla)...3:35

Plancha (Carlos Guastavino)...4:05

Plomada (Carlos Guastavino)...2:54

Rinacero (Astor Piazzolla)...3:30

Rojotango (Pablo Ziegler)...4:20

Yo Soy Maria (Astor Piazzolla)...3:40

Two Pianos
Two Pianos

Two Pianos

​Ziegler released a two pianos album "Los Tangueros"  with Emanuel Ax and toured internationally in 90's. Later, he started performing with an American pianist and the host of NPR radio program "From The Top", Christopher O'Riley and has released a new album "Tango Nuevo" with Ziegler's composition from Steinway & Sons Label in 2016

Two Piano music sheets arranged by Pablo Ziegler are available for purchase

For the pieces not listed here, please contact us

Asfalto (Pablo Ziegler)...5:12

Buenos Aires Hora Cero (Astor Piazzolla)...4:07

Elegante Canyenguito (Pablo Ziegler)...4:54

El Empedrado (Pablo Ziegler)...5:18

Fuga y Misterio (Astor Piazzolla)...4:35

Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)...4:11

Maria Ciudad (Pablo Ziegler)...6:58

Michelangelo 70 (Astor Piazzolla)...3:14 

Milongueta (Pablo Ziegler)...6:37

Places (Pablo Ziegler)...6:04

Sandunga (Pablo Ziegler)...4:04

and more.

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