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Revolutionist of Tango and Japanese Traditional Music, Collaboration of Pablo Ziegler and Dozan Fuji

The concert "Music Revolution" that presents the first collaboration of Pablo Ziegler who has a great career as a pianist of Astor Piazzolla Quintet and the shakuhachi player, Dozan Fujiwara will be taken place at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall on February 27th and 28th. This is the encounter of those who carries the legacy of revolutionist of Argentine Tango and Japanese Traditional music. They will world premier the new composition by Ziegler that was commissioned by Yokohama Noh Theater.

The first part of the concert will be the performance of Japanese Traditional music by Fujiwara and the second part will be the performance by Ziegler. They will be performing together as well.

In the first part, the program features the revolutionary Japanese traditional composer including Michio Miyzgi, Shinichi Yuize, and Houzan Yamamo who is Fujiwara's mentor. "Miyagi now is considered as a traditional but the piece I will perform at this concert called "Rain in the Night of London" was revolutional just like the title" mentions Fujiwara.

In the second part, the program features the composition by Piazzolla and Ziegler. Piazzolla, the bandoneon player brought classical and jazz music elements to tango music that accompanied the dancers and established the new genre "Nuevo Tango" to be listened at the concert hall. The reason why Ziegler was invited to participate in Piazzolla Quintet was because he learned classical music and was already performing as a successful jazz musician.

"When I first met Piazzlla, he handed me a big pile of music that was almost as complicated as piano concertos. I thought I would have to practice 24 hours but I was happy to get a sensation as if he brought me back to the classical music world" Ziegler looks back and mentions.

Ziegler and Fujiwara will perform together "Kochi" composed by Fujiwara, "Libertango" by Piazzolla, and "12 Horas" that Ziegler composed for through this commission. Fujiwara describes "Ziegler's composition is intellectual yet passionate" and express the admiration to his composition. Ziegler comments "With his (Fujiwara's) techniques, I was convinced that we could perform together. Also, shakuhachi's color is perfect for tango music"

"12 Horas" means the time difference between Japan and Argentina. Ziegler comments "Japan is on the other side of the globe from Argentina but if you draw a line between two countries, it actually connects in the center of globe. I implemented the characteristic from Japanese music that I discovered in 1980's when I visited Japan for the first time. This music should give the image of the two port of Buenos Aires and Yokohama. It also give the sensation of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean that connects them" 045-263-3055

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