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Tango x Shakuhachi, New Frontier, Pablo Ziegler performs with Dozan Fujiwara

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"Tango x Shakuhachi," New Frontier, Pablo Ziegler performs with Dozan Fujiwara

Pablo Ziegler, the pianist who represents the new wave of tango music will perform with Dozan Fujiwara on Feb 27th and 28th at Minato Mirai Hall. Ziegler will perform Dozan's composition which illustrates japanese world and long time partner, Astor Piazzolla and Ziegler's composition to explore new chemistry through this special collaboration.

Started receiving the formal classical piano training at the age of five at Buenos Aires Conservatory, Ziegler once thought of becoming a medical doctor but didn't become reality due to the interruption by the military service. "Becoming a musician or medical doctor..., neither career is the easy ones. Perhaps the music chose me." Ziegler responded with smile.

Ziegler participated Astor Piazzolla Quintet from 1978 and recorded one of the master pieces including "Zero Hour". Astor Piazzolla received numerous great critics by revolutionizing traditional tango music but the message that Ziegler learned from Piazzolla was to "Be completely confident with your music" and "Never give up on your own way (style) is mission as a composer".

Ziegler explains "Astor was not used to improvise at the beginning and always wrote a perfect music sheet. But he started accepting my ideas. As a result, we had more and more improvisation part and his music became the opportunity to express each musician's personality." Ziegler wishes to pass the techniques from those times to young performers who study with him and wants them to experience the heart of the music from Buenos Aires. Ziegler often collaborates with musicians from classical and jazz music. Now he has opera project waiting for him. He travels between different genre of music so easirly.

This time, Ziegler performs with shakunachi for the first time by the proposal from Yokoaham Noh Theater. "Dozan has a warm sound and his melodies are flavorful. I put my inspiration to this new piece that I received from Japan." Utanoichi Okuda (koto) and Satoshi Kitamura (bandoneon) will perform with them. The concerts start at 2pm on Feb 27th and 28th. Tel: 045-263-3055 (Yokohama Noh Theater)

Article written by Akiko Fujisaki.

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