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World Premier "12 Horas"

Being commissioned by Yokohama Art Foundation / Yokoaham Noh Theatre, I'll be presending a new composition "12 Horas" (12 Hours in English) on February 27th and 28th at Minato Mirai Hall in Yokohama, Japan. This piece is a suite that consists three movements and is written for piano, bandoneon, shakuhachi (japanese vertical flute made of bamboo), koto (japanese traditional harp), string ensemble and percussion.

1st movement is called "Dos Puertos" (Two Ports) that represents the ports of Yokohama and Buenos Aires. 2nd movement is called "Los Oceanos"((The Oceans) which express the water, wave and wind that connects two countries through Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. 3rd movement is called "Reencuentro" that I try to combine both countries together as a conclusion of this suite.

For the first time, I'll be performing with Dozan Fujiwara, one of the most important shakuhachi player in Japan. He has performed with the member of Vienna Philharmonic and has been collaborating with orchestras. Also, Mr. Utanoichi Okuda is the 4th generation heir to the great koto performer and composer, Utashito Nakashima. He has also given concerts in several major cities in the United States and in Europe and is highly expected his future to become a leader in the next generation of Japanese traditional music world.

Pablo Z

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