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Pablo Ziegler
Jazz Tango Ensemble

Pablo Ziegler(piano, composition, arrangements)
Satoshi Kitamura(bandoneon)
Natsuki Kido(guitar)
Toru Nishijima
(couble bass)
Tomohiro Yahiro(percussion)

Official Video

Pablo Ziegler  Jazz Tango Ensemble

Pablo Ziegler Jazz Ensemble was created in 2012. The musicians were carefully selected through an audition process from a group of Japanese leading players that expertise in tango, jazz, classical and world music.

They had toured nationally and internationally in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan from Hokkaido to Kagoshima and performed at prestigeous concert hall, jazz club and jazz and music festivals.

Pablo Ziegler's special interview


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Pablo Ziegler(piano, composition, arrangements)

Based in New York, Pablo Ziegler is a Grammy-Award winning composer, pianist, and arranger. Graduated from Buenos Aires Conservatory with honors and a gold medal, he debuted as a pianist at 15 years old. Astor Piazzolla invited Ziegler to be part of his last Quintet for his classical pianist background and improvisation skills. Since then, he supported for 10 years until the legend retired due to heart surgery. Ziegler's immense contribution can be heard in the iconic albums by Piazzolla. Ziegler's album "Jazz Tango" won the Grammy-Award for Latin Jazz Category. The album "Bajo Cero" also won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Tango Album. He performs internationally in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Royal Albert Hall, Victoria Hall, as a soloist of orchestra and with his band. 

Satoshi Kitamura(bandoneon)
Born in Nara, Japan. Satoshi encounter the bandoneon while he was studying at Kansai University and studied with Julio Pane in Argentina and Ryota Komatsu in Japan. He performed at music festivals in Korea, Singapore, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Canada. He has performed as a member Pablo Ziegler's Jazz Tango Ensemble since 2011. In 2014, he was a featured artist at the recital series B to C at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. He performs with Carlos Aguirre, Richard Stolzman, Leopoldo Federico, Sendai Philharmonie Orchestra, Nobuyuki Nakajima, Ikuko, Kawai, Izumi Tateno, Mari Natsuki, Daisuke Suzuki, Nobuya Sugawa, Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Ego Wrappin'. As a recording artist, he plays for NHK Series "Yae's Sakura", "Mare", "Here comes Asa" and the movie "The Lights Only Shines There". His sensitivity and musicality is praised by many music critics. He's the member of Cuatrocientos Quartet, Naoki Kita Quartet, Orquesta Tipica Pampa, Orquesta de la Esperanza among others.

Toru Nishijima(double bass)
Born in 1973 in Tokyo. Toru started violin training at 5 years old. He started playing electric bass during high school and switched to acoustic double bass after graduating from the university. He joined Pablo Ziegler's Jazz Tango Ensemble in 2011 and toured and performed in various projects of Pablo Ziegler in orchestra format, trio, and quintet. His versatile performance style attracts ensemble in different genre of music including Su, Nervio, west/rock/woods, forest, cuatrocientos, tango-jack, Orquesta de la esperanza among others. He performs with jazztronick, Karen Aoki, Hiroko Williams, Chie Ayato, Lisa Ono, Carmen Maki, Yoshiko Kishino, Taro Hakase, Iwao Furusawa to name a few. In 2014, he released a second duo album "El Retratador" with a japanese jazz pianist, Masaki Hayashi.

Kido Natsuki (guitar) 

Born in Kanagawa, Japan. Being recognized as a unique guitarist, his root is progressive rock, jazz, tango, and world music. He collaborates with leading musicians and has his own band "Salle Gaveau" and perform internationally. In 2005, he released "Wild Life" from Silent Label recorded from passionate electric guitar pieces to dynamic acoustic guitar. In 2007, he started performing a guitar duo with a classical guitar player, Daisuke Suzuki and released the album "The Duo" (2007), "Cinema Voyage" (2008) and "Seasons" (2010). 

Tomohiro Yahiro (percussion)

Latin-Grammy winning percussion player, Tomohiro is a unique percussion player who spent his youth in the Canary Islands. Performs with the leading artists such as Yosuke Yamashita, Jo Hisaishi, Masahi Sada nationally and internationally. For the occasion of "Toru Takemitsu Memorial Concert", he performed at Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and Carnegie Hall in New York along with Kazumi Watanabe, Coba, and Daisuke Suzuki. The Duo "Dos Orientales" with Hugo Fattoruso won the Latin-Grammy for Latin Jazz category in 2012, Graffity Awards for Jazz Category. He also performed with Fattoruso at Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto led by Seiji Ozawa. He tours in Europe, Latin America and performed at Jarasum Jazz Festival (Korea) and Penang Jazz Festival. He is a member of GAIA CUATRO、The Unforsaken、Florencia Ruiz & Los Hongos Orientales、Dos Orientales.

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