Pablo Ziegler meets Berklee

About Pablo Ziegler Academy


Pablo Ziegler has been coaching how to play Nuevo Tango, the music of Astor Piazzolla and Pablo Ziegler to numerous professional musicians throughout his career. As part of his coaching, he has been invited to music schools including Yale University, Indiana University, Eastman School of Music, Tokyo School of Music, Senzoku Music School to name a few. 


In 2011, Pablo Ziegler Academy was established to coach young and talented musicians in the world and the first masterclass was taken placed in Tokyo, Japan and it celebrated the first summer course in 2015.


The participants are qualified musicians of any instrumentations who pass the audition and receive a direct coaching of Maestro Ziegler first hand. It is considered as one of the only opportunity to learn the style of Nuevo Tango that was established by Astor Piazzolla Quintet that Maestro participated over a decade.

Dream lesson for

advanced musicians


Students from music conservatory or musician or ensemble performing professionally.

For performers, any instruments are accepted from piano, guitar, sax, clarinet, bandoneon, strings and chamber ensemble.

Please contact us for the instruments not listed above.

For composer, we accept wide variety of genre of composition from classical, contemporary, jazz, tango, to pop.



The duration is  60 min for solo and 90 min for group lesson.

Lesson fee varies depends on the format. Please contact us for more information.



We accept limited number of students due to Mr. Ziegler's performance schedule.

Please send to us the following materials for screening by email:

- Biography 

- Audio sample (Youtube video or mp3)

- Tell us about your passion for Nuevo Tango by Piazzolla & Ziegler

- Repertoire of nuevo tango if any

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