New Collection

Red Violin - Ziegler Model -

"It's a great honor and pleasure for me to introduce a new special violin collection "RED VIOLIN" -ZIEGLER MODEL- by the world class luthier, Pablo Sacco who is based in the heart of Stradivarius, Cremona in Italy.

The instrument for artists plays such a personal and important role in our music career. We also demand an intimate relationship with instruments and have a daily conversation. Sacco's dedication and talent contributes enormously for those artists who are looking for a delicate and profound experience with its instrument.


I autographed the interior of this violin back in 2012 (if you look inside, you can see it) but I've never imagined that I would have my own model of violin (Maybe piano could have been a possibility but it hasn't happened yet). I'd like to extend my gratitude to Sacco again for creating this piece of art inspired by my music.


The violin is such a versatile instrument and it has been played not only in the classical music but also in the music of Buenos Aires which I represent including Nuevo Tango and Jazz Tango. It is another instrument that express deeply the soul, passion and romance of Buenos Aires besides bandoneon.

I hope there will be many music lovers who can enjoy the sound of this incredible instrument."

- Pablo Ziegler

For more information: Pablo Sacco


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