Just a couple of days ago I talked about the some of the current tango trends, and how everyone is using this Argentine musical genre as a foundation for something new. Now, the Pablo Ziegler Chamber Quartet turns in this modest little masterpiece, Radiotango, a purist performance in every sense. Picture a tango in your mind, a couple gliding along the dance floor, and then pay attention to the music that’s playing. That’s this music, just four masters of the tango playing it how it’s supposed to be played–just like you’d imagine, and in front of a live audience.


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Designed and developed by Intuition Management, Videographer: HRM, Masae Shiwa

Photographer: Melanie Futorian, Shigeto Imura, Sergio Reyes, Masae Shiwa

© 2020 by Ziegler Music. All rights reserved