With Pablo Ziegler’s new CD, “Jazz Tango,” the tango lives and breathes–a common theme in Ziegler’s work; to ordinary people, there seems only so much a person can do with a tango. On this release, the music moves as if it possessed its own blood and limbs, and renders the tango a sinewy and electric thing, a move that impresses old and new fans alike. 

Fortunately, all the songs are recorded live. There is something gratifying about hearing other people, faceless strangers in this case, applaud a performance that you, the listener, have also enjoyed. It is unclear whether the passion for Ziegl...

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Designed and developed by Intuition Management, Videographer: HRM, Masae Shiwa

Photographer: Melanie Futorian, Shigeto Imura, Sergio Reyes, Masae Shiwa

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