The tango is a dance — and a music — of romance, with all the range of emotions that implies, from tentative introductions and tender courtship to passages of pure joy, passionate embrace and flaring tempers, even violence.


No one embodies the art of the tango better than pianist Pablo Ziegler’s Quartet for New Tango, which performed a breathtaking two-hour concert Thursday night at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.


Hector Del Curto is Ziegler’s longtime bandmate on the accordion-like bandoneon, the instrument that defines the sound of the Argentine tango. They were joined by South Korean c...

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Designed and developed by Intuition Management, Videographer: HRM, Masae Shiwa

Photographer: Melanie Futorian, Shigeto Imura, Sergio Reyes, Masae Shiwa

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