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Pablo Ziegler' has received commission by arts foundation, festivals and artists to compose new composition


Pablo Ziegler has been awarded multiple awards as a composer including the National Award "Arlequin 92" for the best Composition by Association of the Theater Critics and Investigation in Argentina. Ziegler also arranges Nuevo Tangos composed by Astor Piazzolla, Pablo Ziegler and some traditional tango tunes. Here are some examples of the commission work by Ziegler.

Composition "Places" 


Commissioned by British Council, the world premier was taken place in the UK during the Corsham Festival. This piece shows more contemporary side of Pablo Ziegler and is performed with his trio, quartet and with orchestras.


The video is from a concert with a Japanese-Canadian violinist Karen Gomyo who has been sharing stage with Ziegler in the US and Canada. Karen Gomyo plays on the “Aurora, ex-Foulis” Stradivarius violin of 1703 that was bought for her exclusive use by a private sponsor.

Orchestration of "Four Seasons of Bueno Aires" 


Commissioned by Ziegler's long time partner, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the arrangement for Piazzolla's iconic tunes "Four Seasons of Bueno Aires" were orchestrated with the support of MetLife Foundation.


When Piazzolla world premiered orchestra pieces, he would always invited Ziegler. Based on the experience Ziegler had, he conserved the ideas and style that Piazzolla was seeking in this arrangement based on the live performance they had as Astor Piazzolla Quintet in 1980's. These arrangements are considered as what Piazzolla would wanted to hear.


The arrangements are performed by numerous orchestras in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Asia.

Orchestration repertoire


Astor Piazzolla


Fuga y Misterio 

Imagenes 676 

Introduccion al Angel 

Invierno Porteno 


Otono Porteno 

Primavera Porteno 



Verano Porteno 

Story behind cinema music "Conexion Portena" 


Ziegler's composition "Conexion Portena"  (Buenos Aires Connection in English) was originally composed for an Argentine crime thriller film but it was banned due to a political reason. The story was going to be an Argentine version of the famous film  "The French Connection".


This thrilling and exciting music was taken to a different type of theatre and has been entertaining the audience without reels.

Pablo Ziegler


El Empedrado 

Maria Ciudad 

Milonga en el Viento 


Juan Carlos Cobian

Niebla del Riachuelo 


The Album "Amsterdam meets New Tango"


Ziegler collaborated with Netherlands Programm Service for Public Radio and Television(NPS) to arrange his composition for a string orchestra and a big band.


The live concert of Metropole Orkest and Pablo Ziegler's Quartet was broadcasted and later became an album called "Amsterdam Meets New Tango". The album was nominated for Latin Grammy 2013.

Composition "12 Horas" 


Commissioned by Yokohama Noh Theatre / Yokohama Arts Foundation, Ziegler composed a suite "12 Horas" for piano, bandoneon, shakuhachi (japanese traditional bamboo made vertical flute), koto (japanese traditional harp), strings ensemble and percussion.


The 1st part is "Dos Puertos" which illustrates 2 port of Buenos Aires and Yokohama, the 2nd part is "Los Oceanos" meaning Pacific and Atlantic oceans that connect Argentina and Japan, and the 3rd part is "Reencuentro" where two countries reunite. The world premier is scheduled on February 27th and 28th at Minato Mirai Hall in Yokohama, Japan.


This concert will be the first collaboration of Ziegler with Dozan Fujiwara and Utanouchi Okuda who are one of the most important instrumentalists in Japan. Dozan performed and recorded with Steude Quartet in Vienna.


Repertoire from "Amsterdam meets New Tango"


Buenos Aires Report (Pablo Ziegler)

Milonga para Hermeto (Quique Sinesi)

Blues Porteno (Pablo Ziegler)

Desperate Dance (Pablo Ziegler)

Murga del Amanecer (Pablo Ziegler)

Places (Pablo Ziegler)

Pajaro Angel (Pablo Ziegler)

Buenos Aires Dark (Pablo Ziegler)

Que lo Pario (Pablo Ziegler)

Arrangements for Two Piano


Number of Piazzolla and Ziegler's tunes for two piano were arranged for the album "Los Tangueros" by Emmanuel Ax and Pablo Ziegler. These arrangements are also performed and recorded by world well-known pianists including Duo Lechner Tiempo who receive regular advice from Martha Argerich.

Two piano repertoire

Astor Piazzolla

Adios Nonino 

Bueno Aires Hora Zero 


Fuga y Misterio 

La  Muerte del Angel 


Michelangelo 70 




Verano Porteno 

Pablo Ziegler


Elegante Canyenguito 

El Empedrado 

Maria Ciudad 




Composition "Celtic Feast" 


Commissioned by a British Contemporary Ballet Company, it was created with the inspiration of celtic music and Nuevo Tango. The company toured with this tune all over the UK.


The Argentine saxophone player, Julio Botti later recorded this tune in his album "Tango Nostalgias" and was nominated for Latin Grammy Award 2013. This video is from his CD release concert in NY.

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